The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. Brown & Brown Insurance has chosen it for our symbol, as we offer speed, agility, and customizable plans to our clients.

Your people are our business.


As a Member of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce since 1990, Brown & Brown Insurance offers robust and customizable insurance plans for both small and large groups as well as sole proprietors. Like the cheetah, we are swift to bring you a new level of benefits, richer plans, and the utmost value.

We think of ourselves as not your average broker with our team of trusted healthcare experts. From HR and legal resources, we offer not just a policy but an exclusive Brown & Brown advisor for support—from enrollment services to compliance support.


Brown & Brown will navigate you through association health plans that will bring your organization:

Low Out-of-Pocket Maximums
Robust Plans at Lower Cost
to Fit Any Budget
Options for Both Dental
and Vision Plans
$0 Copay
for Virtual Access with
Physicians in Real-Time

Embedded Life Insurance
for Employees Enrolling in Plans


Anthem’s National Blue Card PPO Network

Flexibility that Allows Out-of-State Employees
of Nevada Domiciled Businesses

Contact LORI WILKINSON at Brown & Brown today to compare current association health plan offerings!