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Helping Individuals and Employers Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

We know the ability to hire and retain talented team members is what allows your company to thrive in a competitive environment. As companies have been forced to make tough choices with their employee benefit programs to stay profitable, the big losers have been those who work so hard to keep our companies moving forward. Every day we see the dramatic effects of rising health insurance costs and have developed an innovative solution to help solve the problem.
While our program isn’t insurance, it can go a long way to fill in the gaps created by rapidly increasing out of pocket expenses and fewer employer paid benefits. For an annual cost of less than two hundred dollars per family, our discount medical plan offers:

Teladoc: phone consultations with a physician for common, non-chronic illnesses, with $0 consultation fee, as many times as needed.

Prescription drugs: access to reduced rates similar to those received by large health insurers, resulting in discounts of 10-85% off of open formulary costs.

Dental: access to providers powered by Aetna Dental Access®, who offer their services to our members at negotiated rates.

Vision: 10% to 40% off contact lenses through the mail order service and 20% to 60% off frames and lenses when using the network providers.


For more information on our membership savings benefits, please visit: distinctbenefits.com
Our Membership Savings Benefits include:

  • Doctors by Phone 24/7/365
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Prescription
  • Labs
  • MRI & CT Scans
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • And more!DBS-Logo


Not available to WA or VT residents.

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